Our Story

The Early Days

Steve Rowell began making wine in 2010 as part of a local hobbyist group. His passion for wine quickly became evident as his closet filled with carboys and his garage with wine barrels. His wife, Keira, came home one day from a hair appointment in pouring down rain to find that her 'dry' parking spot in the garage had been replaced with wine barrels. Out of frustration, she suggested becoming a Family Winery as this would solve her parking issue. Of course there was a little more involved, but that's basically what happened and a winery was born.

Keira Cellars is born.

Now our wine maker, Steve, is clever. As the family pondered about what to name the winery, Steve had one name in mind. To him, it was the name that represented his driving force to pursue his passions and take the risks necessary to achieve them. Keira Cellars was born. Steve admits that naming the Winery after his wife was probably the best decision he's ever made. We believe it's likely kept him out of the dog house once or twice.

Our Passion

Since our humble beginnings, our family has fallen in love with our winery and the people that come to enjoy it with us every day. We have made it our standard that we 'love people and make wine people love.' Our hope is that you find your experience with us to be unique, personal and memorable. Cheers!

Professional Production

Steve studied at Washington State University and earned his certificate in enology.

We care for every barrel

We strive for excellence in our winemaking, handcrafting our wines to ensure every bottle is exceptional.

Why does it taste so delicious?

We love people and make wine people love.