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Brittany Rogers

Music has the power to break past barriers and connect people to the deepest parts of themselves. Brittany Rogers strives to harness that power by creating and performing meaningful art and experiences to a broad audience of music lovers and musicians alike. Ever since a young age, Brittany has found a deep satisfaction by participating in the creative process and expression of self. 

The most important advice I have gotten for making a career for yourself, is having a deep unwavering reason for why you are doing it. People often refer to the arts as a challenging field to pursue; this is not a well known secret, but I’d also argue that anything where your whole heart is truly involved will be challenging, even if it's considered more "secure" by the eyes of society. For me, being a touring musician, songwriter and instrumentalist is my vocation of choice. As music is my greatest passion in life, I know there have been, are, and will continue to be obstacles in my path. None of which are greater than myself getting in my own way. Understanding this helped me come up with my own unwavering reason for doing music: people. Human connection, vulnerability and expression are some of the most powerful things in my life- though there are many avenues to pursue such things, music to me is the greatest. Music helps people feel the intangible, it connects groups who otherwise may never speak or acknowledge each other, it  can speak to the creativity inside us all (at various levels); music gives hope. And if I can be in any way a part of that, I would consider myself to be incredibly blessed.